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Golden Horizon Senior Care - the leading provider of Non-medical Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly,  and assistance in Activities of Daily Living.

About Golden Horizon Senior Care


Golden Horizon a home that fits 22 Residents was founded in September of 2021 and in the beginning was filled with Nine Joyful Residents who were transferred from multiple homes into one Spacious home so that we could provide better care for them all under one roof. Overtime we filled the facility with happy and friendly faces and are looking to fill it with even more! Golden Horizon is a place where our Senior Residents are our First and Main Priority. The Mission at Golden Horizon is to make a compelling difference in the lives of our Senior Residents through providing innovative ideas in Care and Excellence. Aging is something that naturally happens in life and if we choose to be empathetic enough and efficient enough then we can make those years a time in which they live not just survive.


Personally, the Administrator/Licensee has 9 years' experience of caring for the Elderly and Mentally unstable, so he fully understands what it feels like to leave your loved one in the care of someone else, but he has seen it all and has helped many and is willing to help YOU make your decision to choose Golden Horizon senior care as worry free as possible! You can rest assured your loved one will be well taken care of! We also have some of the best caring people on our staff and are looking to make your family feel like our Family! Our staff CHOOSE to wake up every day and come to Golden Horizon because they WANT to and not because its "Their Job", we all sincerely enjoy the smiling Faces of our Residents and laughter as we all take part in creating this facility into a home. Our Future Goal is to expand our Facility so that we have even more room for even more Elderly and Mentally ill in need, we want to be the difference we see in this world. Help us achieve this goal and Choose Golden Horizon Senior Care as YOUR leading provider in RCFE Facilities.

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